Entrust us with the entire testing process. In a few days, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the status of your digital product by involving your real users.

Entrust us with the entire testing process. In a few days, you’ll get a detailed analysis of the status of your digital product by involving your real users.

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Tell us who's your target, we'll find those testers in the Crowd who match YOUR needs

We have your real user in our Crowd. Tell us who he is, we’ll select him. The requirements can be many: hardware model, the experience of the tester, geographical distribution, social-demographic characteristics, subscription to a specific service, a bank account, etc.
More than 15,000 testers populate our Crowd, and we can reach up to 250,000 expert texters around the world!

Your Testers
AppQuality Testers
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Entrust us with the distribution of your digital product or service

We’ll take care of the distribution of your software. Our Quality Leaders will flank you during the organization and planning of the test cycles. They will be the link between the Crowd and your Developers.

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A manual written upon the characteristics of your digital product

Every feature that needs to be tested will be converted into a use case: tasks that the crowd will complete on your product.

  • Set-up call with the Quality Leader to define the characteristics and the features you need to test
  • Testbook writing: the set of uses cases testers will be asked to complete
  • The Quality Leader supports the testers, verifies and collect results emerging from every completed use case

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Bugs go directly to your software development team's hands

To make your Dev’s life easier, we integrate date with the main bug tracking systems: Jira, Redmine, Bitbucket, AzureDevOps and more to come!

Redmine Jira BitBucker
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Get precise and accurate feedbacks

The AppQuality team will be in charge of verifying the bugs before they get to your Dev’s hands. As a result, they won’t get duplicates or out-of-scope bugs, but more importantly, it means they will only get detailed quality bugs. There’s more: after the test, you can get a report with feedbacks and qualitative insights.

  • Step by step reproduction of the steps to replicate the bug
  • Expected result
  • Actual result
  • Videos and screenshots of the bugs



Why should you use "Crowdtesting"?

  1. Real users test in their natural environment
  2. Tests run with a large variety of devices
  3. Testers are highly engaged (economic reward)
  4. Fast identification of tens of defects and bugs
  5. Reduction in the cost of the test and time to market
  6. "Fresh Eyes" and "Commission Driven" approach
  7. Third-party certification of the quality
  8. “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” (Linus’s law)

Organization and planning of
multiple testing modules

Our Quality Leaders will flank you during the planning and theorganization of every test cycle. They will be the link between you, the Crowd and your DevOps team.

The result is a completely seamless process integrated with the most common ALM ApplicationLifecycle Management) and API (Application Program Interfaces).You will get the highest digital quality while you reduce the costs of testing.

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