We test Apps, Websites, Chatbots & any other digital products by leveraging

the Power of the Crowd

Our Quality Leaders (PM) manage the whole testing process: from test planning to results sharing through real users recruiting.

In a few hours you receive a detailed analysis of the status of your digital product by involving your own real users.

Find your target audience within the Crowd

Set up the test by selecting the group of testers that will best suit your needs

You can segment the Crowd on the basis of multiple requirements, for example: hardware model, experience of the tester, geographical distribution, social-demographic characteristics, subscription to a specific service, etc.

In Italy, our Crowd counts more than 15,000 testers!

Your tester
AppQuality Tester

App Distribution

We manage your app or digital service distribution

Quality Leaders will flank you during the organization and planning of test cycles and will liaise between the Crowd and your development team.



A manual written on the basis of the characteristics of your digital product

The features of your digital product will be divided in tasks. The Crowd will undergo every task through specific Use Cases.

  • Set-up call with the Quality Leader to define features and functionalities to be tested
  • Drafting the test manual: the set of use cases that will be assigned to the testers
  • The Quality Leader supports testers, verifies and collects the results obtained from every completed task

Bug tracker

We integrate your data with the main Bug-Tracking Systems

Get an integrated view of edits and bugs thanks to the integration with the main Bug-Tracking systems: Jira, Redmine, Bitbucket and more to come!

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Redmine Jira BitBucker


Collect detailed and accurate feedbacks

The Crowd will give us precise feedbacks and will report the presence of bugs through explanatory images and videos.
The AppQuality team will produce a detailed report of testers’ feedbacks and qualitative insights arisen when using your digital product.

  • step-by-step description on how to reproduce a bug
  • expected behaviour
  • observed behaviour
  • images and videos of the bug