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The number of devices, operating systems and browsers available is extremely wide and this fragmentation needs to be constantly monitored. But that’s not the only problem: software’s rapid-pace release schedule can’t be underestimated either. With that being said, if you want to provide a high-quality software, it is crucial to test your digital product outside your internal lab to identify the highest number of defects (even before it goes live). But every problem has a solution: in this case, it’s called crowdtesting and gives your product the possibility to be tested directly on your real users’ devices.

Explorative Testing

Let the collective intelligence identify bugs

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Bug Hunting

Ask our Testers to go through certain Test Cases

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New OS Testing

Verify proper operation on a new Operating System

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Test Book Testing

Ask our Testers to run your Test book simultaneously on their device

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Usability Test

Study the User Experience by looking at our Testers

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Competitor Benchmark

Compare your App Vs. your competitor's through a remote focus group

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Prototype Testing

Receive direct feedback from your users as they navigate the prototype

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Chatbot and Voice Training & Testing

Enhance the process of learning your chatbot with crowdtesting

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All tests are managed by UX researcher with UXQB certification CPUX-F