Chatbot and Voice Training & Testing

Train your chatbot with your users

Developing a software tool that interacts in a natural language with your clients and anticipates topics that your bot would be asked to talk about could be very challenging. It gets even harder if you consider that each user has a different way of expressing him/herself and different needs.

Too often, the learning process takes place after the release, but this strategy kills the quality your users perceive. Users become testers instead of proper end-users. How can you prevent this from happening? By asking our crowd of testers to choose the common questions and evaluate the lexical, verbal and grammatical choices you made for you chatbot. If you count 50 testers and 15 topics, each topic being explored with 10 different questions, you will get 7500 interactions! All of them are useful to boost your bot’s education. And this all happens in just a few days.

AppQuality allows you to train and develop your chatbot at the same time so that your internal resources would only focus on design and development. Get to know more about how we can support you with a real case.

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