Competitor Benchmark

You vs your competitor: who wins the match?

Have you ever wondered if your users find what they need on your competitor’s e-commerce faster than they do on yours? Do you know your app or website’s strengths if compared to your competitor’s?

If you want your app or website to stand out among the millions available and create a competitive advantage at the same time, what you need is to take a close look to the competitor’s digital product and know what users think of their and your service. App Benchmark allows you to compare more Apps or websites in the market: we would select from our crowd the users that meet your needs. They would execute the same action on your digital product and your competitor’s and would comment on the quality of both. By doing this, it will be possible to compare the user-friendliness and accessibility of each product and to identify strengths and weaknesses. Which service did your users find on your competitor’s website that would like to be on yours too? What makes your product better and distinguishable from your competitor?

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