Prototype Test

If you already have a prototype…

…you don’t need to wait to go live to know if your users like your product. You can save stress, effort and expensive development costs by verifying the prototype in its initial phase of realization. Make your site, app or chatbot interact with a group of real end users we select within our community. Thanks to the methodology studied and validated by AppQuality, you will finally be able to make decisions and choices based on objective data of your real target.

No prototype yet?

No worries! Thanks to our new service Enjoy the Ride we can deliver a crowd tested prototype in 5 weeks. The process is extremely easy: you only need to tell us your business idea and what you expect. Together with our partner, we will take care of research, design and iterative testing cycles. Find out more about our new project by clicking here!

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Reduce Development Cost

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Focus on development of the key features

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Many real devices (fragmentation)