Human Touch in Software Testing

We test Apps, Websites, Chatbots and any other digital devices by leveraging the power of the Crowd: a professionally managed and geographically distributed group of Users and Testers connected by a cloud-based Platform.

What does testing with a Crowd-Based-Technology mean?

Tests are carried out by Real Users that match the characteristics of your buyer persona. These testers, Unknown and Unbiased, will test on their personal devices and will be coordinated by our Project Managers (aka Quality Leaders) through our platform. Functionality Testing, UAT and Usability Testing are only a few of the tests you can perform with CrowdTesting.

  • Set-up Testing

    criteria and testing constraints

  • Product Distribution

    crowd engagement and testing kick-off

  • Crowd Monitoring

    and Crowd management by our PMs

  • Final Results

    will appear on your personal dashboard

Planning and organization of Testing Modules

Our Quality Leaders (PMs) will plan and organize different test cycles (from Functional to Usability, from Performance to not Regression, etc.) and liaise between the Crowd and your software development team. The result is a completely seamless process integrated with the most common ALM systems (Application Lifecycle Management) and APIs (Application Program Interfaces). You will get the highest digital quality while you reduce the costs of testing.

Agile Crowd Testing

When using Agile Software Development, the best solution is to hook the Testing process to your development process and use the information and insights for future releases. This helps develop a more effective, fact-driven and increasingly quicker team.